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Unanderra Hostel Memories
The reason I decided to create this site was because back in the late 1960’s and having just arrived in Australia. Our family like many families before us temporarily stayed at Unanderra Hostel whilst in the process of resettling, for many it was a quite an experience. Some families stayed for only a few months and others stayed the entire permitted time, which was about two years before having to move on.
I thought that, perhaps others who once stayed at the Hostel maybe interested in such a site, somewhere were they could view and share old photos from those long lost days.
National Archives of Australia:       A12111;    63/27/133
Photo supplied by the National Archives of Australia:       A12111;    63/27/133
My appreciation goes to the 97.3 ABC Illawarra for showing interest in a local story.
             The feedback from the interview has been fantastic. 24-feb-2004    
If you have a story to tell about your Hostel experiences or just want to contact others with similar experiences then visit our forums. They are free to register and  our forums contain a list of various Hostels.
Unanderra, Berkeley, Fairymeadow, East Hills, Heathcote and many others.
Most of the information I have provided on this site has no way been verified but I do believe that what I have suggested is somewhere near. I sincerely do not, in anyway wish to mislead anyone. If you feel that you could assist with this subject then please don’t hesitate to contact me either via e-mail or more preferably by our forums as this would give others the chance to ask questions and discus the subject.
Unanderra Hostel Memories
    Hope you enjoy your visit.
E Block unanderra Hostel.
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Unanderra Hostel Memories
If you have any old photo of your stay at Unanderra Hostel then share them with us, doesn’t matter how many you have or what condition they are in. I can soon clean/brighten them up. Don’t let them rot in some old biscuit tin and never to be seen again, scan them and send them here. With your help, we could build this site up to one of interest.